Lonely Angel by Megan L Gables

Selouria is a very cold place. Three months out of the year it never stops snowing, another three never stops raining, although… there are six months out of the year that are perfect. We call these the Sapphire months. They are beautiful; it’s nothing you could even dream of if you hadn’t seen it. Blue and purple dancing across the ice covered mountains and in the sky.

The people climb to the tallest hill in our realm when the first night of the Sapphire months come to pass. This is when the colors are at their brightest, their happiest. The people argue among themselves saying the lights have a mind of their own, watching them, you would think… but I happen to believe somewhere in the middle. So a grey opinion? I’m fine with that though.

Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet, I’m Evangeline. I guess I was created with the thought I would bring good news, since that is what my name means. I’m not like others; everyone tells me I look like an Angelic Creature, I don’t know what my thoughts are on being called a creature, but whatever.

I have really white skin, like really white. People who visit our realm in the pale months, when it snows, say I almost look blue but my beauty makes it shine like beryl.

They say my wings, yes wings, could cover a sky! Very exaggerated, but I would say a good two humans would be an accurate length. The humans tell me they’re  some of the most beautiful wings they’d seen. The others’ wings are carved from rock or ice, but mine are crystal. Mine are blue with accents of purple and look like dragon’s wings.

I tie my light blonde hair to the side so it won’t touch my wings. They’re sensitive still, only having been out for a couple hundred years.

I’ve learned, since living in such harsh conditions, that my wings have grown to coat my bones in crystal to protect them from the cold. Although that doesn’t include my heart. I need warmth in my chest to help it survive the temperatures, so I wear armor over my heart to keep it warm. As far as I know, the only way I could die is if my heart dies cold.

The humans wear burly coats or lots of layers to keep their bodies warm but I can’t do that. I only wear armor; it’s what I was created in and it’s the only clothing I’m comfortable with. I should be like everyone else, but because of my wings and the way I was born, they think of me differently.

To make a long story short, I came alive, but with crystal wings. I might have skimmed the truth earlier, I have the only pair of crystal wings, because I’m the only one of my kind. The only one that has come to life. The humans think of it as a sign of royalty.

I broke out of an ice sculpture in the middle of Selouria. I’m told they had been watching me crack for centuries before I finally broke. Coming alive is almost as symbolic as being born. I only remember waking up, feeling the stinging cold on my back and my name. I was quickly helped and told by many how special I was.

Though fascination with me turned for the worst once learning that my touch turned humans to ice. Because of that discovery, the humans were weary to touch me; so I sat beside many of the other sculptures around the kingdom alone. Yearning for someone to touch.

When I asked what my purpose was, the King, who was the only person willing to come near me at first, explained that long ago there was a sculptor. He was very famous for his art and when Selouria was thrust into war against a neighboring realm, he offered his assistance. He began to carve the ice around the kingdom to give hope to the people, calling them their guardians.

It’s said that my creator sculpted every one of us differently from the rest and when the time came, we would break and come alive.

I have been the only one to come alive so far, but if I’m being honest, I think I will be the only one.

It took me a long time to learn that no one else was coming. Years and years I shook it off, telling myself it wasn’t their time yet… but I eventually came to terms with the fact that I might be alone, forever.

Over time, the humans began to call me a Princess and ask for my thoughts on many things and I don’t hate it. It’s the only social interaction I have with people and every question makes me happy; but even through that, I am alone quite often.

I like to keep my mind off of these matters so I took up sculpting quickly after I came alive. I figured my creator would like that decision.

Sculpting quickly turned into a passion of mine and it’s the one thing that makes me feel warm on the inside. I have carved a lot of the ice outside the kingdom and sometimes the people like to watch me from afar.

The sapphire months are upon us now, and while everyone is out on the tallest mountain, I am walking through the kingdom alone. My eyes catching a sculpture in the square; I always liked that one.

The way the light shined through him cast colors of all kinds onto the square. I remember sitting around this one most of all when I came alive. He kept me calm. I think it was his strong presence; the way he stood and the expression he held… almost like he feared nothing.

I sat down next to him and looked up at the sky. These colors will only fade until the snow starts, so I try and savor these moments.

Some say I’m living art, others who visit say I’m an ice monster. Again, I have a totally grey opinion; I don’t like to ponder it too often.

I know I was created in a dark time, to give hope to the people of this kingdom… but now that the war is over, what purpose do I have? Why am I the only one?

The King told me the sculptor disappeared after the war ended but the humans never forgot his words.

“In my timing, they will come alive, to serve and help others discover their purpose as well.” I quoted quietly while watching the sky. I guess I’ll sit in this kingdom and help my people with their problems day after day like always.


I scanned my surroundings as I heard the sound. As soon as the thought hit me, I was afraid to turn around… was it what I thought it was?

It couldn’t be, could it? I could feel my hands shaking slightly before I made my decision. I nervously turned and looked up to the sculpture I sat beside.

Was I really believing what I was seeing? There, on the front of his chest was a slight crack. I quickly grabbed hold of the staff he held and hoisted myself up closer to his chest. It was… that was a crack!

I could feel my heart beating faster now as I starred at it. Was this really happening? Would I finally meet someone like me?

The people’s words rang in my mind, back to when they told me they watched for centuries as I cracked. I might not meet him anytime soon… but eventually. I looked up to his clear eyes and smiled. Eventually I will know what he looked like with true color… not the ones the sky gave him.

Eventually his eyes won’t be clear, and I can look into them with him looking back at me.

Eventually I will hear his voice instead of hearing my own… and eventually I will feel the touch of someone else without fearing I would hurt them.

It will be a very long time, but as I look at the small crack on his chest… it gives me hope.

Selouria is a very cold place, we rarely get visitors, but we aren’t going anywhere. I will be here, in this kingdom for all of eternity. This is my home and I will wait with these sculptures, together with my people.


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